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  • Singapore in Spiritual Darkness! Please Pray!
    Sunday, 13 July 2003 @ 01:51 PM SGT
    Contributed by: marktan
    Views:: 29,984
    Prayer Appeal Dear brothers and sisters,

    I am writing here in hope of getting this message out fast and quick to as many Christians there are in Singapore.

    This is very urgent because I think our nation will soon be plunge into the greatest darkness that we have yet experienced and this is a time that we must get together and fight this spiritual battle for the life and soul of Singapore.

    You must have seen how all our newspapers have come together to support homosexual lifestyles. How can this possibly happen? I believe what happened was not natural but that Satan has come all out against us, especially after we have been weakened by all the SARS situation and the econimic downturn.

    My name is Mark Tan. I was once a homosexual. However, God gave me new life and hope during a deliverance service about two months ago. I felt renewed. I repented of my sin. I could feel the demon of homosexuality leave me when I claimed Jesus as my Lord and Saviour! Halleluyah!

    But I must tell you my story so that you will believe.

    When I was a homosexual, I was very keen in spiritual matters. However, I was made to believe that the Church has no more relevance by my homosexual friends. I joined in a group of people who are gay pagans.

    This group that I belonged to meets in a house at Holland Village about once a month for potluck and pagan services. It is lead by an expatriate man called "G.H.". Most of the services we attended consists of pagan prayers. We would gather around in a circle around a pentagon with candles burning, incense burning, bowls of water to symbolise the elements of the earth. We will then call on various gods and goddesses from all the different religions (except Christianity) and then we will pray for various things such as world peace.

    However, when we celebrated the solstice last year (around Christmas) "G.H." told us that we must now concentrate our prayers on political leaders so that we can have gay rights. He also said that all the gay and non-gay pagan groups will be doing the same thing every month from the beginning of this year. There are about 12 gay covens in Singapore.

    I went to one this year at around February and that was the last coven meeting that I attended. During this meeting, different gods and goddesses were invoked to give wisdom and understanding to our political leaders. They were asked to fill them with their spirits and guide them in their decisions. At the end of the meetings, we joined hands and were asked to generate auras of lovingkindness then imagine this aura surrounding our government leaders.

    I now understand all these and see what these are. We were actually asking evil spirits to possess our country!

    Please. I beg you. Take this seriously. Send this message to all your friends and pastors. Make sure everybody is informed. This is a critical time in our life before God judges and punishes us for our filth!


    Singapore in Spiritual Darkness! Please Pray! | 18 comments | Create New Account
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    Singapore in Spiritual Darkness! Please Pray!
    Authored by: Forumaster on Tuesday, 15 July 2003 @ 12:47 PM SGT
    We received this comment for Mark...

    dear mark,

    greetings in Christ! i commend you for boldly coming forward, as did the writer in today\'s straits times urging that this liberalization be considered carefully.

    i would encourage you to write to the press so that the public can read that what the PM had said is not true and correct. and that there is hope for those who read about your freedom from this bondage.

    the press will not publish your name if you request them not to do so.

    it is quite sad that singapore has \'liberalized\' in the name of creativity, globalization and the economy.

    from publicly promoted theatre plays on lesbianism and homosexuality to bar-top dancing, and the airing of deceptively damaging programs on tv, there is a sense
    the situation is already close to becoming like the days of Noah at the time he was told to built the ark.

    the Lord is with us brother Mark and let us continue to walk in the ways that He has commanded us to.

    God bless you
    ong hoe
    Singapore in Spiritual Darkness! Please Pray!
    Authored by: Cherubim on Saturday, 26 July 2003 @ 05:23 AM SGT
    I dont quite seem to understand your message. Is it really a satire or is this your true life account?

    Darkness will come or did you not know? Many of our brethens and sisters are gay. I am one of them. We are in the body of Christ. We are not righteous, we know that, thats why we are Christians.

    Have we not sought to change through the blood of Christ? Yet the desires never left us. How many ex-gay people have choices chuned out. Those who seeked helped through Choices, how many had their desires obliterated?

    Dark times these maybe, homosexuality isnt the only cause of darkness. What about the legalisation of abortion and the legalisation of divorce? Yet what does Paul have to say about adultery and divorce? These have been with us, yet Christians live it in silence. If Christians are sincere about the degradation of the moral fibre we should have voiced it out long ago. Why now when the issue of homosexuality surface?

    Singapore in Spiritual Darkness! Please Pray!
    Authored by: YaminABD on Wednesday, 30 July 2003 @ 08:29 AM SGT

    The Homos in Singapore is not a great problem in our Society at the present moment, may this is the result of our conservative society which is of course a good thing to have some conservative good values, caring society and law abiding society on the whole. We hope to do more better with the help of the Lord.

    Conservative value society, caring society and law abiding society is blessing from God keep up the good work but we must deal matter graciously and merciful without compromising moral standards. May God bless Singapore and continue to guide us to do right thing before the Lord.

    I know when a foreign culture and social habits comes in many other new threat to our conservative society not just Homos alone. Mankind have the weakness and are influenial people. We influent others more in the negative than good. It is because it easy to do evil hard to do good such are our sinful nature.

    Those who think christian are hatred for homosexual act. Just remember it is not the people that the Christian hates but it should be the acts of homos, we do not not endorse and also any other things that is not right in the sight of God.

    A Believer in Jesus should Amos 5:5 hate evil love and encourage good. Christian is to provide practical help and prayer support for those who problem in life to learn to submit to the teaching of scriptures, apply it in their life and walk right before the Lord so that these people will receive blessing from God.

    In some countries there are are more obvious problem and some isolated unusual cases.

    Yesterday I read one chinese news paper that a case in Hong Kong brother and sister marriage. Some group of China University female students rent a "girlfriend" a day.

    Marriage was designed to bridge the male-female divide and sustain the idea that children need mothers and fathers. Stanley Kurtz outlines the shocking details of movements already underway and gaining strength to legalize polygamy and group marriages. All of these trends will fatally undermine monogamy and the nuclear family as societal norms, the effects of which will be devastating to generations of children and our entire nation. (You can read both articles at Those of us who have been arguing that this is where we are headed unless our political leaders find the courage to rein in the federal judiciary have been accused of employing scare tactics and worse. But the fact is, unless the White House joins the fray and helps get a constitutional amendment blocking this radical assault on our Judeo-Christian traditions, the culture war will be over and we will have lost. Gary Bauer -


    First all sodomite high school to open in September. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was enthusiastic about the new school. The first stand-alone public high school for homosexuals in New York City will open this fall with 100 homo students. Harvey Milk High School currently is undergoing a $3.2 million publicly funded renovation. We have a lot of talent coming into the school. We want to steer these kids in the right direction. Anyone sick yet? -


    Bridal magazine promotes homosexual weddings. Taking its cue from the New York Times, which recently decided to publish notices of same-sex ceremonies along with its wedding announcements, the September-October issue of Bride's magazine features an article promoting homosexual weddings, saying - We looked at what was happening in the wedding industry. We were hearing from various retailers that same-sex couples had become an important part of their gift registries. - BACKLASH on HOMOS Americans have become significantly LESS (praise GOD!) accepting of the filthy defiling SIN of homosexuality since a Supreme Court decision that was hailed as clearing the way for new gay civil rights, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll has found. After several years of growing tolerance, the survey shows a return to a level of more traditional attitudes last seen in the mid-1990s. In recent weeks, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas anti-sodomy law, a Canadian court decision allowed gay couples to marry in Ontario, and Wal-Mart expanded anti-discrimination protection to gay workers. This decision freed hundreds of criminals in states coast to coast and violates the US Constitution which guards STATES rights. The supreme court took the ruling from ANOTHER COUNTRY's constitution!! America is already under a FOREIGN POWER! Conservative social activists see a backlash to those developments and the growing visibility of gay characters in entertainment, including such TV shows as Will & Grace. The more that the movement demands the endorsement of the law and the culture, the more resistance there will be, says Gary Bauer, president of American Values.

    What do the scripture say about Illicit sexual relationship?


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