Monday, 31 May 2004 @ 01:26 PM SGT

Contributed by: Redeemed

With the advent of prosperity theology in the Mcdonaldised churches here and elsewhere in recent decades, hope in heaven has ceased to be of concern for obvious reasons (why should they when the present world is their oyster), unlike in the past centuries (and even in the epistles) where believers were constantly reminded of the glorious HOPE they had in Christ Jesus. Suffering and poverty were prevalent down the centuries till the affluent late 20th century.

A quick check with believers revealed a lack of knowledge of what kind a place is Heaven. Most will consider it a boring place with worship 24 hours a day or believers lazing around among clouds playing musical instruments. Or we are merely floating around in our spirits without any body.

For a start, we are going to do without pain, illness and suffering. It will open up the whole universe for us to explore. Even on our present earth, it will take us a few lifetimes to explore every part of it without physical inability to stop us.

Just a little sidetrack comment on the McDonaldised churches again. They have put so much emphasis on modern music and prosperity talk to "invite" the crowds. Imagine how strange heaven will be for them. Down the centuries, the believers were used to suffering and poverty mostly and no sophistication in music or drama. Imagine what kind of conversation it would be between these leaders and the great apostles and saints like Paul and Peter who died martyred. I cannot imagine any common ground for any conversation because of their ridicule of their fellow believers and most of all, their ridiculous competition among themselves. Jesus had told us not to let our right hand know what our left hand is doing as regards to good works. But these churches constantly bragged about the works they have done. But it is the Competition that is most absurb for me. It is like a ship being shipwrecked and the survivors are still trying to vie for the job of captain or important positions. (Sad to note that 2 Cor 2:17 is still true today as it was in Paul's times. The verse opens "Unlike SO MANY ...")

What kind of worship in heaven will it be ? I am sure the believers of these Mcdonaldised churches will be so turned off if the worship is NOT comtemporary.

Back to the study of Heaven. God has promised that we will never be disappointed, so it must be a glorious and exciting place. I will share later. Any comments ?