Taking grace for granted

Thursday, 10 June 2004 @ 11:06 AM SGT

Contributed by: Benyamin

Many Christians live in a mindset of unconditional relationship from God. The relationship is not based on mutual love but of selfish personal gains. Whenever they need something from Him or in desperate times, then they cry out to Him. Worst still, some thought that God's grace is indispensable and continue to live in disobedience and sin. Thus making many of us, unfruitful.

If you know God, you will never want to take His love and grace for you for granted.
If you love Him, you will not want to hurt Him and do the same.

This is a time of chastening. If we are stubborn, we will continue to be stubborn. If we are willing, we shall be broken and bear greater fruits.

Love you always,