The pride of denominations

Thursday, 01 July 2004 @ 02:42 PM SGT

Contributed by: Benyamin

"I am good at this."
"I can do better than them."
"We are different from them."
"We have a strong worship team."
"We have so many, so many numbers in our church."

God's people has seperated themselves with their own strength and in the things they think they are good at and have not been humble when it comes to church matters.

"I am from Paul."
"I am from Cephas."
"Is Christ divided? Were you save in the name of Paul?"

God's people builded themselves strong to their own interest. This too is vanity. You see these because our hearts have been driven by the power which comes along either from leadership or appointment. When an immature believer takes the role of a leadership, he or she won't teach or impart maturity to his or her members, because they are still immature.

When choosing leaders, choose wisely and with discernment.
Take note on how we build and the motives we have for the things that we do.
Many Christians marry because they struggle to wait for the right partner. After that, they are not very happy. The principle of waiting implies on leadership as well. If we don't wait for God's timing for a particular project or work and rush off in our own strength. I doubt we will be successful. This implies to waiting and choosing the right person for a task as well.

God bless you!