Help Needed Indeed!

Wednesday, 04 May 2005 @ 11:35 AM SGT

Contributed by: sleekk

Dear Reader,

I know this may not be the suitable place to place my appeal but I am rather desperate. My name is Steven Lee and I am looking for help, any kind of help. I know this is a familiar story to many. I am at my wits' end and willing to try anything.

I am a Christian but have not attended church for a very long time. I still acknowledge God but can't seem to feel His closeness since my business failed. My fiancee is Catholic and I can see her faith straining under the stress and pressure. I have no where to turn to now except to God. I have started to pray again after so many years. My first prayer was answered yesterday and I am continuing to pray for His help.

I am originally from Malaysia. My business crashed during the 1998 Asian economic crisis. I came to Singapore seeking a fresh start. At the same time, I got to know a Singaporean girl who is my fiancee now. I had a little money left, and with her support I tried to get back into business. During the first few years, everything looks promising and we were happy together.

In 2003 the economic downturn in Singapore started and business started to get bad. I tried doing other things but was not able to turn the situation around. I even tried applying for jobs but nothing came out of it - nobody wants to hire a 40-year old guy with no previous job experience. To start the business and sustain it during the downturn, my fiancee used up her credit cards. She has been working while trying to help me and the business.

Since 2003 it has been downhill all the way. We have used up all of our money. My fiancee has a job but I am still looking for something to do. We are now unable to even meet the minimum payment demanded by the banks. We have tried unsuccessfully talking to the banks. We are not shirking from our financial responsibilities. All we asked for is to allow us to be able to repay within our capabilities.

I am very much in love with my fiancee and it breaks my heart and soul seeing her saddled with financial problems because she was helping me. We stay in a rented room and after this month, we may not be able to pay the rent to continue staying there.

I have tried borrowing money from people that I know. Some were kind to help out a bit but most say they have their own financial worries and problems. My fiancee has done the same with her family, friends and relatives, and I am ashamed to say that our financial problems have caused some relatives and friends to shun her.

I am appealing for help from any kind soul. I am hoping and praying someone could help us arrange with the banks to let us repay the money we owe them at a monthly amount that is within our capability. If there is someone with a spare room which they could allow us to stay there for a while then there is one less money worry every month. If there is any work for me to do which I could earn some money, I would very much appreciate it.

I am not asking for cash donations or handouts, even though we are in a very desperate situation. Although most people would think otherwise, I would like to say that we will eventually repay every cent that anyone lent to us. I am appealing to anyone because we can't be embarassed any more than we are now.

If anyone wants to find out more or would like to contact me, please email me at