The Presence of God in us

Tuesday, 16 August 2005 @ 11:04 AM SGT

Contributed by: Benyamin

Abide in Me...

Many of us are busy figuring out our lives and work. We are busy with many things.

The new testament is about God working in and thru the lives of His people, the church. The Lord has promised to live in us and His Spirit and Presence in us will cause us and help us to become more like Himself. What an amazing love!

The flesh or the Spirit?
The flesh is our carnal and fallen nature, whereas, the Spirit is the resurrected and victorious being of God. Two of them are contrary toward one another. We should not do things in our flesh. We should not serve God in our flesh. We should not please God in our flesh.

God works from the inside out, whereas, people are concerned about the appearance. God is concern about our hearts' condition, whereas, man is concern about the outward factors.

When we are too concern about the outward factors: what people will say? how many people we minister? how good a praise and worship service sounds? How famous we are? how big is our cell or church? etc...

We are actually allowing our flesh to control our thoughts. In state of allowing the Spirit to rule our thoughts, we allow the flesh, people, or the world to rule and influence our thoughts and subsequently our actions.

God loves you!