The ever increasing Presence

Friday, 27 January 2006 @ 08:40 AM SGT

Contributed by: Benyamin

When Moses went up to the mountain to receive from God the ten commandments, the Presence of God in his life increased. Moses' face shorn like never before because of the time he spend in obeying and in the very Presence of God.

We need to be like Moses who took time to obey and spend time in God's Presence so that we can have a powerful ministry like Moses. For God was with him in whatever he did.

1. God's Presence in our lives can be lesser or more. In other words, the Presence of God in our lives can be increased or decreased. Why is it so? The Presence of God is linked to the measure of the power and the Spirit of God in us. When we sin, the Spirit of God and the Power of God in us will not participate in our sins. Therefore, when we do things in our flesh rather than in the Spirit, God will also not participate. God's Presence in us will then decrease. It is vice-versa.

2. Spending time with God. Moses spent a lot of time with God in prayer and worship. He carried the Presence of God wherever he goes because God was with Him.

3. Listen and obey. God will release His Spirit thru our lives when we listen correctly and obey His Word in our lives.

Jesus loves you!