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'... Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before Thee, O LORD, my Rock, and my Redeemer.' (Psalm 19:14)

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 Welcome to Agora - Antioch Networks InternationalTuesday, 22 October 2019 @ 05:19 PM SGT 
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  • Pls pray for me
    Thursday, 02 August 2007 @ 09:15 AM SGT
    Contributed by: Anonymous
    Views:: 1,844
    Prayer Appeal Dear Sisters and Brothers, I lost my job two months ago and I am currently out of job. I have been feeling emotionally and spiritually very down. I have been fearful that I could not get a job and I am worried about the future. Pls pray that I will be delivered from fear and that God will grant me a job soon. Thanks. A Sister in need of prayers

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    13 year old boy with liver cancer
    Friday, 09 February 2007 @ 02:36 AM SGT
    Contributed by: Anonymous
    Views:: 5,327
    Prayer Appeal Please pray for Kiat, a 13 year old boy from Singapore.

    Please pray for his and his family's salvation and healing for his liver cancer.

    Thank you.

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    needed:rm to rent w/ christian hsehold
    Friday, 24 November 2006 @ 01:57 AM SGT
    Contributed by: Anonymous
    Views:: 2,091
    Prayer Appeal hi i am a christian malaysian, starting work on mon 27 nov, need a rm to move in by then. so far the flats i've looked at all have shrines or altars...and they all leave me with would be so much better if i stayed with a christian household, so if you know of a room for rent along clementi rd, near clementi interchange, teluk blangah, pasir pangjang rd, near harbourfront mrt or near nus, let me know.thanks.

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    A christian who killed himself
    Friday, 26 May 2006 @ 09:42 PM SGT
    Contributed by: Eunice
    Views:: 1,733
    Prayer Appeal Hi

    Can someone tell me if a Christian killed himself because no one helps him due to his wrong doings. Will this Christian goes to heaven?

    Appreciate a true answer please ?

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    Please Pray for me ...
    Thursday, 25 May 2006 @ 02:07 AM SGT
    Contributed by: kellycog
    Views:: 1,409
    Prayer Appeal I been looking for a full time job for quite a few month...Really want to get a job that allow me to start a new career..
    I am trained in IT...If you have a similar job to recommend me, drop me a email at no, PLS pray that God will bless me with a job soon...
    Thanks alot..

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    E-Prayer Fellowship
    Saturday, 25 March 2006 @ 08:37 AM SGT
    Contributed by: Sunshine
    Views:: 1,309
    Prayer Appeal Hi brethren

    I am looking for a group of believers to support each other in prayers. Life get more and more challenging each day - maybe more painful or tiring for some or many. There are so much need.
    I am wanting to form a MSN group where we can receiving prayer requests daily and utter a prayer for each other whenever we can.
    With this, I look to our dear Lord to instill a prayer heart and life in each of us and that our church prayer meetings attendance will overwhelming !
    Soli Deo Gloria

    Join me :

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    Pls Pray For Me & Family
    Wednesday, 08 March 2006 @ 12:17 PM SGT
    Contributed by: dt
    Views:: 1,483
    Prayer Appeal Dear Bro & Sis in CHRIST

    Pls pray for me & my family for protection & financial breakthrough. I need to rent out my 2 common rooms fast as me & family is facing some financial difficulties. We are a christian couple & so hope can rent to a christian.

    Anyone who is interested or got recomendation please drop me a mail at

    May GOD's Blessings Be With All!

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    Need Help
    Monday, 06 March 2006 @ 09:17 PM SGT
    Contributed by: heroxx
    Views:: 1,314
    Prayer Appeal Hi All,

    Would need your prayers because i am really finding it very hard to trust God recently because of certain things that happened in my life. I have done all that i need to do and can do but still i cannot seem to achieve a breakthrough. So please kindly pray for God to strengthen me and give me that breakthrough that i need, I would also need a place to stay so if any of you have any suggestions please let me know.


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    Thanks to all of you
    Friday, 09 December 2005 @ 10:53 AM SGT
    Contributed by: hua2z
    Views:: 1,356
    Prayer Appeal Dear brother and sisters,

    I've rented my flat out at a good price.
    I want to give thanks to our heavenly father as his presence have make me strong through this difficult period of time my family and I have been facing. Not forgetting my brothers and sisiters in Christ too, all your prayers have helped me alot. There is still a long way to go under such a fiancial crisis my family and I are facing but nothing we should be afraid of as our havenly father is always up there tendering to our needs.

    Thanks to all of you and may you always receive God's blessings

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    I really need to rent my flat out.
    Monday, 24 October 2005 @ 04:04 PM SGT
    Contributed by: hua2z
    Views:: 1,378
    Prayer Appeal Dear Brothers and Sisters, I been looking for tenants for the past few weeks but there is not much news. Please pray for me for finding a tenant soon because me family is facing some financial difficulties. I really hope I can rent my flat to a chinese christ family. Anyone who is interested or got recomendation please drop me a mail at God bless all of you. Please see Details.

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