What is Agora?

Definition of agora:

agora primarily "an assembly," or, in general, "an open space in a town" (akin to ageiro, "to bring together"), became applied, according to papyri evidences, to a variety of things, e.g., "a judicial assembly," "a market," or even "supplies, provisions" (Moulton and Milligan, Vocab.).

In the New Testament, it denotes "a place of assembly, a public place or forum, a market-place." A variety of circumstances, connected with it as a public gathering place, is mentioned, e.g., business dealings such as the hiring of laborers, Matt 20:3; the buying and selling of goods, Mark 7:4 (involving risk of pollution); the games of children, Matt 11:16; Luke 7:32; exchange of greetings, Matt 23:7; Mark 12:38; Luke 11:43; Luke 20:46; the holding of trials, Acts 16:19; public discussions, Acts 17:17. Mark 6:56 records the bringing of the sick there. The word always carries with it the idea of publicity, in contrast to private circumstances.

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